1. What is the area called where the brachial plexus passes through the scapula?

Scapular notch
Acromion process
Glenoid fossa
Subscapular fossa

2. The primary muscles involved in torticollis are:

Levator scapula, scalenes, and ESG's
SCM, scalenes, and ESG's
SCM, scalenes, and levator scapula
SCM, scalenes, and trapezius (upper fibers)

3. If a client comes to you with a headache that has referred pain, it is most likely a:

Cluster headache
Tension headache
Chronic paroxysmal hemicrania

4. A client comes to you with pain and dizziness when they turn their neck, they think the pain could be from a small MVA last week. When you perform your ROM testing you notice extreme muscle weakness and they complain of difficulty swallowing. What should you do?

Treat them for whiplash and refer them to a chiropractor
Thoroughly document the initial assessment and refer client to a physician for assessment before massage treatment
Send them to a physical therapist
Refer them to another MT

5. Adhesive capsulitis is another name for which pathology?

Pes Planus
Degenerative Disc Disease
Frozen shoulder

6. When assessing the radiocarpal joint, what muscle group would you lengthen to release or decrease mild extension at the wrist?

Radial deviators
Ulnar deviators

7. What technique is used to reduce edema, ease pain, lower the chance of scar tissue formation, and remove metabolic waste secondary to edema and inflammation?

Muscle approximation
Lymphatic drainage
Diaphragmatic breathing
Pressure point

8. To breakdown adhesions that prevent normal motion, this technique can be used in sub-acute and chronic stages of healing?

Rhythmic mobilization
Myofascial release
Cross-fiber friction

9. All information given is confidential on a health history intake form unless?

The client gives specific written permission
Their HCP asks for it
You feel it is your duty to share client information for legal reasons
Treatments are complete and they are no longer a client

10. Leaving a client's health history document lying on the counter during a massage is:

Ok if you are not busy
Permitted if you are in a hurry
Breaching client confidentiality laws
Not something to be worried about

11. Which of the following is not part of the upper respiratory system?

Vocal cords

12. Which of the following choices are part of the endocrine system?

Pancreas, thyroid, and bile
Thyroid, pharynx, and adrenal
Adrenal, gonads, and thyroid
Gonads, pharynx, and larynx

13. Which system of the body would regulate the blood pH and exchange gases?


14. In passive range of motion testing what two muscles are assessed when the foot is placed in inversion?

Fibularis (peroneus) longus and tibialis anterior
Tibialis anterior and tibialis posterior
Fibularis (peroneus) longus and extensor digitorum longus
Extensor hallucis longus and Extensor digitorum longus

15. A trigger point is;

A hypotonic point that causes pain and referred pain
A hypertonic joint that causes satellite pain
A hyperirritable spot in the soft tissue that often exhibits a predictable referral pain pattern
A hypoirritable soft tissue spot that causes pain in a referral pattern