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Massage Test Preparation Comparison Chart
It's not always easy finding the truth about competing products and massage exam preparation resources are no different. We offer you this comparison of Massage-Exam.com products and services to those of our competitors. As always we are available to answer any of your questions. 1-800-316-8275 Ext. 3 Mon-Fri 8-4 PM
Massage Test Preparation Comparison Massage-Exam.com The Other Guys
1 Month Subscription $69.95 $49.95 $30.00
Do the questions and answers have rationales? Yes, this is what our program is based on. Explaining why the correct answer is correct. No other program offers this invaluable teaching tool. Only in practice mode No, They just tell you your answer was right or wrong.
How Many Questions do you have in your database? 3150 and each includes a rationale that explains the correct answer.

2200 at this price. You can pay extra and have access to more questions though.


They say 3000 questions on their website, but there is no breakdown telling you how many questions are in each category or the topics.

It does not really matter because their questions and answers do not have rationales explaining the correct answer.

Live Chat to answer massage certification and licensure questions? Yes, Monday - Friday 8-4 PST No, there is an email address though. No, There is an email address though.
Who runs this website? Massage Therapists. As massage professionals Lorna, Janell and Cheyanne have put in thousands of hours and years as both practicing massage therapists and massage educators. They, with the help of our knowledgable support staff, are here to answer any question. No idea really. They say their material was developed by massage therapists, but do not say who or if they are available to answer questions. We could not find anyone listed on their "Team" as a certified or licensed massage therapist. Not sure who is going to answer your questions. A lot of people listed as Subject Matter Quality and Assurance, but no massage therapist.
Are new questions added to the database? Yes, we are constantly adding new questions, answers, and rationales. They don't say They don't say
Are there simulation exams for the different national massage exams? Yes, you can take as many simulation exams as you want. UNLIMITED. Yes, but you are LIMITED to 10 original simulations. You can however take them over and over if you want. No simulation exams available.
Do the exam results show cumulative scores? Yes, you can see the cumulative scores for all exams that you have taken. No, you can see your exam scores, but not cumulative. No, you can see your exam scores, but not cumulative.
Can I review past exams that I have taken? Yes, all of your exams are always available for your review with answers AND Rationales. Only right when you finish an exam. Once you close it you cannot review it again. No, once you finish an exam you cannot review it again.
Do you have missed question exams to focus on questions I missed? Yes, you can always choose to generate an exam from only questions that you have missed. No No
Is there a moneyback Guarantee? Yes,The best in the business. If you use our program as recommended and fail your massage exam we will refund your money. (it's happened a few times in 14,000 customers). Yes...with a bunch of strings attached. You have to pass every exam. If you fail one exam YOU DO NOT QUALIFY FOR A REFUND. If you do happen to pass every exam they still make you FAX in your failing results. Good luck with that guarantee!;) No. Understandable if you don't have any confidence in your product.
Is there a 100% Pass Guarantee? Yes, If you do not pass your exam we will extend your subscription until you do pass. For FREE. No, If you fail your exam they will not extend your subscription for FREE until you do pass Yes, but based on several additional criteria. Any extension is only as long as original subscription.
Is there an Ebook Option? Yes, You can download an ebook as a subscription option. No No
Do you have hours of operation? Yes, 8-4 Monday - Friday! There are no hours of operation listed on the website. No, They will get back to you when they can.
Is there a phone number if I have questions? Yes. 1-800-316-8275 There is a phone number, but no professional listed to answer your questions. No phone number just an email address. Hopefully your question can wait.
Can I speak to a Massage Professional? Yes, we have a massage education specialist on staff to answer your questions. They don't say. You can email them though. No, Not on list of team members
Works on iphone & ipad Yes. With NO additional software. With additional software you can purchase from app store. With additional software you can purchase from app store.
Bottom Line Know what you are paying for and who, if anyone, is available to answer your questions.
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