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NCETM Prep Online 1 Month Subscription

Online NCETMB Exam Prep Trusted by Over 14,126 Massage Therapists

Passing the NCETMB exam is the biggest hurdle to becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist

Proper exam preparation is the KEY to your success and Massage-Exam.com is the leader in the massage education industry.

Join the thousands of other successful Massage Therapists who passed the NCETMB exam on the first attempt after using our product!

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Works on Mac and Windows. NO software to download!
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hands What Makes Massage-Exam.com the Best Choice for NCETMB Test Preparation?
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plus Instant Access to over 3000 Massage Practice Questions, ANSWERS and Rationale.

The internet is on 24/7. This allows you to take practice examinations whenever and wherever you want. Massage Exam has the largest database of Massage questions, answers and rationale available. Using it will sharpen your knowledge to the point where success on the NCETMB exam is guaranteed!

plus Questions based on NCETMB Curriculum

All questions were written and validated by Licensed Massage Therapists following the current NCETMB Curriculum utilized by the FSMTB. This ensures that you are seeing questions that are accurate and closely related to the actual NCETMB exam.

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"I took the NCETMB today and passed. I can honestly say that if it had not been for the constant review using your site, I don't think I would have passed. Questions were spot on and the technique in asking the question prepared me for the intensity I faced. Once again, thanks and I will be recommending the site to my school for inclusion in their important links in the program."


Tony R, NCTMB Greer, SC
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NCETM Screen

plus Take Classic Random Tests, Massage Category Tests or the NEW NCETMB Simulation

We give you the opportunity to study in 3 different ways.

Classic random tests deliver a standard Massage test with a mix of all the content areas covered in the NCETMB curriculum.

Massage Category tests let you focus on one specific category of questions at a time ie. Therapeutic Massage Assessment... Professional Ethics, etc.

The NCETMB Simulation is as close as you can get to the real thing. Our proprietary application delivers the same percentages of questions per category as the real NCETMB exam.

plus Instant Exam Creation, Automatic Grading and Detailed Tracking and Review Features

Anytime that you want to create a new examination you just click a button and the exam instantly appears in your web browser.

At the completion of the exam click the "Grade" button and your exam is instantly graded and your results delivered.

If you answer a question incorrectly we will tell you not only the correct answer, but WHY the answer was correct. We don't send you to the page number of some book... we just explain it.

The exam tracking and review features are probably the most valuable component of Massage-Exam.com. Every exam you take is logged into your results page where they can be reviewed at any time.

Results for NCETMB Simulations tell you exactly how well you did in each of the category areas.

Detailed cumulative scoring and test tracking allow you to watch your progress the entire way as you better your weak areas and fine tune the areas that you are already strong in.

NCETM Test Tracking
plus New Questions Added Monthly
We are constantly adding to and refining our database of questions. Although few customers ever see everything in our database...we have 3 massage question authors to keep things fresh.
plus Unlimited Tests, Take All You Want During Your Subscription Period

There are no limits on the number of examinations that you are permitted to take. Each exam is filled with questions that you have either never seen, or questions that you have answered incorrectly. This continues until all questions in a category have been answered correctly and then they too are re-included in the question pool.

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hands What if I Have Questions?...or Need Help Understanding Something About Massage or the NCETMB?
plus Live Chat Support, Toll Free Phone Support, Email Support and Online Helpdesk Support

We have an excellent staff and each person is dedicated to helping you pass your NCETMB examination. If you have questions about an answer in our database or maybe want to know more about the Massage Therapist Licensure process in a particular US state we are here to help.

Live chat and toll free phone support are available during normal business hours. Email and Online Helpdesk support is available 24 hours a day and is often answered outside of business hours.

1-800-316-8275 Ext. 3
8-4 Pacific Time, mon-fri
Submit a Helpdesk Ticket
plus Licensed Massage Therapists Respond to All Your Massage Questions
If you have a massage related question it will be answered by a massage therapist with years of knowledge and experience.
plus NCETMB Expert Advice

Massage-Exam.com is in the business of helping people gain NCETMB Certification and state licensure as Massage Therapists. Through-out this endeavour we have amassed a wealth of information that is not readily available to the public.

None of the things we know are secrets, but they can be very difficult to track down. We are available to answer any questions related to the massage therapy industry for which you cannot already find an answer on our website.



"Thank you so much for this GREAT website! I took my nationals [NCETMB] today and passed I studied on this site for a month, I am truly grateful! Raven S, Phoenix AZ "

Raven S, Phoenix AZ
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plus 100% Pass Guarantee and 100% Money Back Guarantee
Maybe We Should Call it the 200% Guarantee?
If you do not pass your NCETMB examination we will extend your subscription FOR FREE until you do pass. That is worth at least 100% of a subscription price.
If you use Massage-Exam.com as recommended and still fail your NCETMB examination we will refund 100% of your subscription.
NCETM Prep Online 1 Month Subscription

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1 Month NCETMB Prep Online
NCETMB Exam Preparation Access Over 3000 Questions, Answers and Rationales Online with NCETM Simulation Exam
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NCETMB Online and Ebook Download
1 Month NCETMB Prep Online
NCETMB Exam Preparation Access Over 3000 Questions, Answers and Rationales Online with NCETMB Simulation Exam
NCETMB Exam Ebook Download
Ready to Print Study Guide With 500 Massage Questions From Our Database. Includes Answers and Rationales in PDF Format
Both for $79.95
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