How do the practice massage exams work?

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First register to use It is easy and secure. Just click on one of the register links and you will be transferred to our Secure Registration Page. There you will enter your billing information and choose your login and password.

Once you have your massage exam login and password, enter them into the login and password text boxes on our home page. Click the login button and you are transferred to your massage exam results/tracking page. This is where all of your practice exam scores are compiled and calculated as well as where each is recorded for review at anytime. At the top of this page you will notice the simple navigation of our program. This includes "My Profile", "Create an Exam", "My Results", and "Log out"...



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Click on "Create an Exam" and you are transferred to the practice massage exam creation page. Here you are able to choose how many questions you would like to have on your exam (between 10 and 30), as well as the category of massage questions that you would like to take. Click the "Create Exam" button and the exam is created online from our continually growing database of over 3000+ massage questions and scenarios.

Read and complete each question carefully by clicking on the "best" answer. At the bottom of the test page is the "Grade Exam" button. Click this button and your massage exam is instantly graded and displayed.

Each exam that you take is displayed with the correct answers AND rationale. Learn WHY you got a massage question wrong and you will be prepared for similar questions on future exams. After reviewing click on the "My Results" link at the top of the page. Your results page will track each practice exam that you take as well as display what your correct answer to question ratio is for each category of massage question. You can clear this information at anytime for a fresh start by clicking the "Clear Scores" button or the "Clear Tests" button.

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