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Below is a sample of the feedback that we have received from subscribers who have utilized our massage therapy exam preparation application. Please feel free to email us with your comments and suggestion.

I was just writing to say thank you for this website and let you know that I passed my exam. I also wanted to thank Lorna for kindly taking the time to talk to me about the next MBLEx format and what has changed since 2014. I can't tell you how happy and relieved I am! I definitely feel that the difficulty level of the questions on this site matches those of the MBLEx, and I think practicing here did prepare me. Without a doubt, it was probably one of the most challenging tests I have ever taken because there is so much subject matter and we are not given specific questions to learn - it really could be anything.

I studied so hard and was very worried about passing, so it's a huge load off my mind! It was particularly nerve-wracking because I know they only changed the format last year, so it was hard to know what to expect. Plus if you don't pass, you have to wait another 30 days, which would have sucked. So I'm just happy and relieved! I definitely found your material challenging, but I think that prepares you well for how challenging the actual test is going to be. It's definitely a daunting process learning SOOO much, so it's certainly reassuring that there are such sites to help us.

Sarah D New Hope, PA

I just wanted to give my gratitude to this web site for offering such a professional and realistic study guide for the MBLEx test. I graduated from massage school in 2005, just before the national exams were mandatory in my state, and it has been 8 YEARS since I've taken any classes outside of CEU's. In a spa setting, I don't really use detailed medical terminology or recite muscle origins and attachments to clients very often, so I needed refreshed in these areas to say the least.

Though additional study materials are necessary, this site will test your knowledge in the best possible way and really give you the tools to pass the exam. I was very happy to find challenging questions and accurate information, as well as, a VERY similar style to which the actual exam is given. Features such as timed exams and showing exactly which areas that you need to focus your studies on were KEY for me.

After only 3 weeks of daily practice with this web site, I passed the MBLEx with a score of 793 on my first attempt. I truly feel that had I not prepared with massage-exam that I wouldn't have been as prepared or confident going into the test. I recommend it 100%!

Michael B Chicago, IL

Thank you

I dont know who to write to, but I just wanted to say thank you so much for all of your help! This website was superb! I was out of school for about a year in a half, so I was scared that I may have forgotten EVERYTHING...which I did...Lucky for me, I found you guys. This website was the best, and I passed today because of it!

Chasity O, Suffolk, VA

I just wanted to take the time out to say thank you for helping me and believing in me to pass my MBLEx Exam and giving me an extension.I had second thoughts on about taking the Exam again because of fear of failing again.You don't know how much of a blessing you guys are and encouraging you have been to me.You guys are the best and I encourage you guys to keep up the good work.God Bless

Brittany G, Converse, TX

"Thanks for your website. I passed my National Massage boards with high marks and your website helped me learn where to focus my studying...... A solid investment to anyone studying for their boards."

Julie, Portland, OR

Just wanted to give a HUGE Thank You to used your site for one month after graduation while waiting to receive my paperwork to test. Took the Mblex today and passed with flying colors!!!!
Your site was well worth the cost and the information/tests provided were a great help in preparing me for my exam.
I would definitely recommend this resource for anyone needing to gain confidence in testing and to get ready for their exam.
Thanks again!

Barbara, Palm Bay, Florida

Just wanted you to know I took my national test this morning and passed!! Thanks for all the help!!

Jamie M. E, Sun City, FL

I passed!

I just wanted to let you know I passed my NCETM on the first try! Thank you for a great site. The repetition of the questions really helped me to learn the material. It was a lot of hard work, dedication and many hours of studying, but well worth it! Thanks for the many great questions that helped me pass my test! I have already recommended your site to many people!

Eve Marie, Millersville, PA

I took the NCETMB today and passed. I can honestly say that if it had not been for the constant review using your site, I don't think I would have passed. Questions were spot on and the technique in asking the question prepared me for the intensity I faced. Once again, thanks and I will be recommending the site to my school for inclusion in their important links in the program.

Tony R, NCTMB Greer, SC

I already took my test and passed with flying colors, thanks to the site! It took half an hour to answer and review. I've been recommending the site to coworkers.

Lily S, St. Thomas, VI

Whew! I passed. Thanks to I told all of my friends to get rid of the text books and just take the practice tests over and over and over. Thanks

Rebecca O, Raleigh, NC

Great website!!!! I would like to just say Thank you for such a great website! I thought it was hard, but it really made me study harder. I have taken the test once and passed. I don't think I would have the first time If I wouldn't have used your service. Thank you again.

Lori B, Daytona Beach

Dear friends,
Thank you sooo much!!! I passed my test last night. It really helped me to practicing with your website. I will recommend your site to my fellow students, and I will keep practicing until my month's subcription is over.
Thank you again.


Rossana T, Sandy Springs, GA

Thanks to the MBLEx website I passed the licensing exam on the first try! I used the website for three months and learned so much. My score was 793. In addition to studying one hour each day, I used the MBLEx site each day for one hour. Whenever I came to a question I was not familiar with I looked at my textbooks. This site helped me in the areas I was weak in and further encouraged me in the areas I was strong in. This is a wonderful preparation site for those willing to be committed to passing the MBLEx licensing exam.

Thanks a bunch!

Mrs. Sabrina Yamini, Atlanta, Georgia

Thank you so much for this GREAT website! I took my nationals [NCETMB] today and passed I studied on this site for a month, I am truly grateful!

Raven S, Phoenix AZ

Thank you very much for your practice exam. You were right that it helped me in my national board exam. I gained confidence that made me feel relaxed while taking the test which I believe had given me a clear mind and passed it!

Nerie B, Newark, DE

I took the NCETMB today and passed. It really helped me to practicing with your website. Thank you

Angie, Florida

Thank you for your website. I passed my Mblex exam with good markings! It's much easier to just pay the money and study all you want with the site, rather than sifting through all your text books and class notes trying to study. Your practice tests are very similar to the Mblex test, and it REALLY helps! Thanks again!!

Amy, Louisiana

I just wanted to inform you all that I did pass it (NCETM) my first time taking it .. thanks for your testing info and tests that you had online, it helped me more than you know, and was more detailed and instructive than my massage teachers ever tried to be in college-

Marvin W, Martinsville, VA

I just wanted to inform today that i dad pass the NCETM. The website was a great help to me and I will inform other students about the website. Thank you so much!

Trenise W, North Charleston,S.C.

Thank you for this website! It helped so much while taking my exam. I took it today and passed!!


I just want to thank you so much for helping me pass my NCETMB test today. Your web site not only helps you study, but gives you confidence. I am still payed up until May, but look forward in learning more. In fact, I may once in awhile subscribe just to keep my knowlegde fresh in my mind. The state of Michigan does not require the National at this time, but my father (my mother past away in 2005) lives in Florida. I wanted to be able to pass the NCETMB in case my father ever needed me. Thank you so much for you wonderful Web Site!!!

Leslie K, Davison, MI

I want to thank you very much for helping me pass my ncetm test. It was a long time coming. I went to school 10yrs ago and had to retake it and I passed. Thank you

Corey W, Westminster, SC

I just want to thank you for creating such a great thing as Massage-Exam. Just passed my National Exam today , please keep up the great work and keep adding new questions!

Thank you

Renata S., Harwood Heights, IL

Just wanted to say Thank You for all your help and I passed my exam with a very good grade!! I highly recommend your web site to everyone studying for their massage exam.


Debbie J, Panama City, FL

Just as promised. Study this information and you will do great on your MBLEx. I passed today with a 777 with more than an hour left to use. Great site!!!

David K, Beaverton, OR

I learned much from using this website in preparation for the Certification and I passed it as a result. I wanted to tip my hat off to your website and thank you for being here. Your customer service was also very helpful in response to anything I needed to inquire about. It is well worth it to study here even after taking the exam -enjoy it thoroughly. Again Thanks

Beatriz R, El Paso TX

I Passed.... Thank you, thank you, thank you. Definitely having this website as a tool helped me to become more confident in my ability.

Tim Bilodeau, Hooksett, NH

Hi just an fyi I took my mblex exam yesterday, I did pass. Others in my class will be taking the same exam and I will be suggesting your service. Thanks very much

Steven R, Johnston RI


I just wanted to say thank you for your service. I agree with others that have put up their comments, that the practice exams were very helpful, guided me on the areas that I needed to strengthen, and prepared me to sit through a long exam in a testing center. I am so relived that I passed (and did very well!) on my first try.

Thank you again,

Suzanne O, Chevy Chase MD

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