Kansas Licensing of Massage Therapy

Kansas MBLEX Massage Exam and Certification Information

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Kansas House Bill 2123 - Died in Committee 6.1.2016 New Notes

Kansas Legislature Article 28. -Healing Arts (f)

Kansas Legislature Article 29. -Physical Therapy (65-2913 (c) 18)

Kansas Legislature Statute - MASSAGE - Status

Kansas is working on a Grandfather clause.

http://www.ksbn.org/ - Board of Nursing

You may obtain a Valid license from a neighboring state, to insure the Application process for obtaining a Kansas State License is expedited when regulations are in effect. Requirements are: 500 hours or more of core curriculum, passing score of MBLEx, or Association compliance from NCBTMB continued certification, ABMP, & AMTA. Continuing Education

Check your state, city, or county Department of Labor or Health Department regulators to find out the requirements to practice Massage Therapy. Therapists who live in unregulated states often obtain a passing score on the MBLEx from the Federation of State Massage Therapy Board (FSMTB) after graduation to ensure they can continue their career if ever they move out of state. Some employment establishments may require a certification or license to apply to work for them.

The best time to take the licensing exam (MBLEx) is at the end of your schooling or right after, so the information is fresh in your mind. We encourage you to utilize our site to review your massage curriculum and build your confidence in obtaining a passing score. Massage-Exam.Com has over 3500 questions in the following categories; massage assessment, massage application, kinesiology, body systems, pathology, business ethics, anatomy and physiology. Our site is available 24 hours a day every day of the week for your study needs.

Kansas Massage Schools - A list of massage schools in Kansas

Web Information
Education Requirements 500 Hours
Title Massage Therapist MT
Type of Credential License
State Law Test Laws & Regulations
State Practical or Written Exam Written Exam
National Exam Requirement


CEU's 0 hrs/2 years
Initial Cost of License $75
Require City License Check Local City & County Business Regulations
Renewal Fee $75/2 years
Liability ins Massage Therapy Insurance Comparison
Credentialed Massage Practitioners  


Massage Schools in Kansas


KCFitness Link

541 D Central Ave

Kansas City, KS 66101

Kansas City KS 816.256.4443


9140 Ward Parkway #100

Kansas City, MO 64114

Kansas City MO 866.443.9140


947 New Hampshire- on 10th st.

Lawrence, KS 66044

Lawrence 785.856.3903

Body & Soul Therapeutics Massage School

353 North Hillside

Wichita, KS 67214

Wichita 316.618.5789

Kansas Continuing Education

0 CE Credits Quadrennially
Requirements & Limitations
List of Choices
ABMP- Biennially
Not Limited
CE Catalog
AMTA- Quadrennially
Not Limited
CE Catalog
NCBTMB- Biennially
Not Limited
CE Catalog
Increase Professional Knowledge and Skills to ensure effective and safe Massage Therapy Practices by taking advantage of the benefits Continuing Education offers
Check your Massage Association or City/County Professional/Business Laws to meet Continuing Education requirements
Professional Ethics, Boundaries, or Communication
Not Limited
Ethics Bench

Body Mechanics & Self-Care

Not Limited
Self-Care Guru
Business Practices
Not Limited
Business Mastery
Adult CPR/ First Aid Instructor-Led
Direct Contact (Live) or Online
Basic Training
Kinesiology, Anatomy, & Physiology of Human Body
Not Limited
Advanced Instruction Forum
Cultural Competency & Specialized Training
Not Limited
Special Population Techniques
Pathology of the Human Body
Not Limited
Advanced Instruction Forum
Self-Study: Books, DVD's, Research Materials, Related Publications, & Publishing an Article
Not Limited
Research Community
Somatic Education
Not Limited
Advanced Instruction Forum
Teacher Training  
Not Limited
Instructor Headquarters
Lecture or Teaching a CE Class
Not Limited
Active Service on KS Massage Related Board, Task Force, Committee, or Attending Meetings
1 hour of CE for each Meeting/Day/Hour
Keep Record of Hours & Duties
When Bill is accepted the state will require 12 CE's Biennially
No CE requirements for State License Renewal
Keep Records of CE Hours
5 Years